Activity of Crocus sativus and its compounds for Skin

Give a unique touch to your beauty products and formulas​

  • With their abundance of flavonoids and polyphenols, our extracts provide a unique touch to your products that will enhance their quality and appeal to consumers.
  • Our hydro-distillation process ensures no additives or preservatives. We use the precious pistils and petals, combining fresh and dry matter for maximum efficiency.
  • These powerful antioxidantspolyphenols, flavonoids, help fight against free radicals and therefore against the aging of our cells, including those of the skin and hair.

Our Advantage

saffron flower extract


Recover the best molecules in each of its hydric states
Crocus sativus (saffron) enriched with extract of petals
Combine Fresh and dry Matter for better efficiency

saffron flower extract


Product quality guaranteed
Product freshness ensured
Price competitive

saffron flower extract


Free from additives or preservatives
Respecting the highest standards and norms
Organic and certified by Ecocert in Europe

Our Products

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Highly concentrated extract of crocin from saffron pistils and petals of crocus sativus​

Saffron flower extract made in france


All-in-one: Composed of crocin, safranal, as well as all the antioxidant molecules present in our other extracts



Composed of hydrolats (floral waters) from saffron pistils and petals of crocus sativus, with an addition of crocine+

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About Us

Our flowers are entirely produced in organic farming in France, at the gates of the
Lorraine Regional Park in the Grand-Est region. We are among the first ones to carry out eco-extractions on our Crocus sativus (saffron) enriched with extract of petals, in different hydric states, fresh or dry, which allow us to recover the best molecules in each of its hydric states for a better and more targeted use in cosmetics.

Our production process spans from farm to production, ensuring high quality and traceability.

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