Soaps with saffron extracts and donkey milk: a natural combination for a radiant skin.

The combined benefits of donkey milk and saffron extracts are real assets to keep your skin healthy, visibly smoother and fresh.

If I tell you Cleopatra, saffron and donkey milk soap, what do you think? Strange mixture or beauty elixir? Of course, it’s the second answer…. the famous Egyptian queen would have used baths with donkey milk and saffron to beautify her skin and preserve its youth and firmness. But it is not only a historical allusion, science is also very interested in the virtues of donkey milk and saffron, especially in soaps and cosmetics.

Sensitive and irritated skin

Le lait d’ânesse est très efficace pour les peaux sensibles, fragiles ou sèches car il nourrit et adoucit la peau. Il est riche en vitamines (A,B,C,D,E), en minéraux (phosphore et calcium) et en oligo-éléments. Il contient également des acides gras essentiels et des phospholipides. Ce sont des molécules, riches en acides gras de type omégas 3, qui constituent les membranes des cellules de notre organisme auxquelles elles apportent souplesse et fluidité. Le lait d’ânesse contient également des omégas 6 qui aident la barrière cutanée à lutter contre les toxines et facilitent aussi le passage des nutriments dans l’épiderme. Les fleurs de crocus fraîches regorgent de provitamine A accompagnées d’antioxydants, ce qui apporte douceur à la peau tout en aidant à combattre les agressions des radicaux libres.

Natural anti-aging

Donkey milk and saffron are a natural combination that has an impact on slowing down skin aging and the appearance of wrinkles thanks to its regenerative and restructuring properties. The components of saffron (provitamin A and crocin) as well as donkey milk (retinol, alpha-tocopherol, natural fatty acids) stimulate the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin, molecules that are essential for the firmness and elasticity of the skin. The antioxidants contained in saffron help prevent oxidative stress and premature aging of cells. The skin is visibly smoother and more radiant because saffron also stimulates blood circulation, which allows better oxygenation of the skin.

Fight against acne

Donkey milk soaps can be a precious ally to clean, purify and eliminate impurities on your skin while soothing inflammations. Saffron is used in traditional Iranian and Indian medicine to soothe marks left on the skin by redness or blemishes.

Skin weakened by eczema or psoriasis

The donkey milk brings a particular softness to the soaps and cosmetic care which are composed of it. It is particularly suitable for sensitive or atopic skin. The atopic skins present an alteration of the cutaneous barrier, which gives a very dry skin and a greater tendency to the allergies. These fragile skins need specific care, soft soaps rich in natural fatty acids with a strong hydrating power. Donkey milk also contains a high content of lysozyme, a protein with anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. Thanks to safranal, saffron also has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

The combined benefits of donkey milk and saffron extracts are real assets to keep your skin healthy, visibly smoother and fresh.

It is strongly advised to choose products of artisanal manufacture guaranteeing the respect of the animals and the quality of the product – as well for the donkey milk as for the saffron. Indeed, saffron is one of the most counterfeited spices. As for the donkey, she produces small quantities of milk, between 1 and 1.5 liters per day and only when she has a baby to nurse. So, what could be better than supporting a virtuous local production while doing yourself some good?



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